World of Coca Cola Part 1

With all intensions of walking around Downtown Atlanta with their kids today, The Collier Family seems to be stuck in a bit of Atlanta traffic. Looks like they picked the wrong day and time to head downtown. There’s a big event scheduled in celebration of Martin Luther King Day and the city is packed.

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Atlanta RV Show

The Collier Crew attended the Atlanta RV Show today and had a great time. Although many of these are way out of their price range, it was fun to see what new and exciting features manufactures are coming out with.


The kids hit the ground running…Litteraly. They raced from one model to the next, yelling their list of must haves to their parents as they trailed behind. The Twins need TV’s in their Bunks, Taniyah & Aiyanna wanted slides and lots of living space. Continue reading


Family Field Trip: Southern Civil War & Locomotive Museum

Our family recently visited the Southern Museum of Civil War & Locomotive History in Kennesaw, Georgia. Not only did we have an awesome time- but it was also a great educational field trip in US History for our Roadtrip Roadschool


Roadschooling Family Museum Field Trip

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Green Eggs & Ham

Their first night at Granny’s house was fun. The kids kicked back with Mom & Dad, while catching up with Grandma and Grandpa.

Bright and early the Collier’s were mixing and stirring their way to a bright and sunny breakfast. What’s on the menu? Come on! Didn’t you read the title of the post?

Green Eggs and Ham!

Aiyanna and Tiana really took the lead on this project. They love to cook and today was no exception. Continue reading


Druthers- Leaving Campbellsville, KY


While chit chatting with a few locals, Antwon picked up on a great tip for the Collier Family’s last meal before leaving Campbellsville, KY.

Quickly mentioning they were headed to get something to eat, the man asked “Have you been to Druthers?” When Antwon said “No” the kind man insisted “You can’t leave Campbellsville without going to Druthers!”

So they didn’t.

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Last Day @ Amazon’s Camperforce

The final day has arrived. Today is Antwon and Sharee’s last day working at Amazon’s Camperforce.

Working the peak season for Camperforce always has a few pros and cons, but today Sharee could only recall the pros.As she sat in Breakroom C surrounded by fellow Workamper, friends, and amazon employees including HR staff, Management and even the facility GM, several thoughts passed through her mind. Continue reading


Just another typical day…

The kids are outside, playing, exploring and making lots of noise. Mom and Dad are seated around a campfire, talking about what happened at work, what the next adventure will hold and recapping many memorable moments from the current trip. Continue reading


The countdown: 20 days left

As Antwon And Sharee sit around the campsite, they’ve kicked their feet up and they’re officially starting the countdown. With just 20 more days of Camperforce, Sharee & Antwon are pretty stoked. Working 10 hour shifts with heavy physical demands, on opposite shifts for the past few months has been… bearable. But as the days past, and seeing the finish line in site, the Collier’s are feeling the need for a change of pace.

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Time is flying.


Time is really flying. November is almost over and do you know what that means? It means The Collier’s time workamping at Amazon.com is almost over. Can you believe they only have about a month left to go? Camperforce has been fun and very physically demanding. They’ve had a great time, but are looking forward to the end with a smile…. Continue reading


Roadschooling: Work Smarter not Harder

Roadschooling four kids in an RV, while traveling fulltime is no simple task. Antwon & Sharee can attest to this very fact, with the hours and hours spent weekly planning and preparing lessons and coordinating projects for their four little ones.

Trying to teach 3 different grades at the same time is tough. While sometimes work can be completed together, or maybe just extended based on depths for each grade level, something’s just need to be individualized for each child.

This year the Collier crew has taken a different approach. They’ve made an effort to simplify their roadschooling through encompassing one of favorite quotes…. “work smarter not harder”. So this year they’ve really tried to incorporate more online lessons and materials.


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Campground Halloween: Trick or Treat

When the locals, tell you the campground ‘does it big’ for Halloween, you better believe ’em!

While working at Amazon this year, the Collier Family arrived early enough to have the joy and the privilege of celebrating a few of their favorite holidays.

First up was Halloween.

Maybe at first, you thought, like the Collier Crew, this would be a standard trip around the block to grab a few pieces of unneeded candy. If you did, you’re wrong too… Continue reading